Hi, I’m Yatish.

I am a software engineer. I strive towards producing elegant, beautiful, pragmatic and well-tested code. I love working on web products and consider myself a full-stack engineer. I primarily work on Ruby on Rails and Javascript. I have been using it since 2011.

I studied Computer Science at University of Pune & masters at North Carolina State University (Go Pack!!)

I worked at Betterlabs. I was involved for the development of DataDoctor and Nurture. Next, I worked for a New York based startup Fab and later on at Sungard. My latest gig was at Office of CTO, VMware, Palo Alto.

Currently, I am obsessed with ReactJS and Go. I am also trying some stunts with Python.

I am an open-source evangelist. I contribute to multiple projects. I help people resolve issues on IRC. I have authored several gems(>25K downloads). I regularly speak at Ruby meetups.

In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and sitcoms. I am a big fan of Suits. I like reading tech entrepreneurs' biographies. Recently, I am obsessed with working out at the gym(I hope it continues).

I am @yatish27 on twitter, IRC and Github. Feel free to give a shout out.